Should I Lease a Printer for My business?

Should I Lease a Printer for My business?


This question seems to come every time there’s a major spending decision to be made on printers and printing accessories. 

Having the most up to date equipment has been leasing’s number-one perceived benefit. But it goes further than that.

When it’s time to improve your equipment or scale-up, like adding 5 or more printers for your business, leasing might be a better alternative. All things considered, why tie up a ton of money when you could utilize that cash to set up or grow your business further?

Let’s check the benefits of leasing and the challenges of buying:


Benefits of Leasing

You will know your month to month costs.

When leasing, you have a fixed month to month cost, which can help you with planning and budgeting more easily.

You don’t need to bother yourself with a large investment.

Tons of companies battle with cash-flow and must keep their money accessible to help develop their business. Leasing gives you the option to get access to a larger number of printers, instead of buying just a few.

Stay on top of your competition.

Leasing can empower your business to procure advanced technology that may be in any other case excessively expensive. The outcome: You’re better prepared to stay ahead of your bigger competitors without depleting your available cash.

Challenges of Buying

The underlying expense for buying might be excessive.

Your business may need to tie up a large sum to gain the technology it needs. Those assets could be utilized somewhere else for showcasing, marketing or investing in other areas of your business that can help you grow.

In the long run, you’re left with obsolete equipment.

Printers get obsolete over time. A growing business may need to refresh its technology in certain areas every three to four years. When you buy, you’re committing to a printer that will be obsolete soon. 

Another good reason why leasing may be the better cost-efficient option over time: Leasing offers you the chance to get new machines as your terms end and new equipment become be available. This enables your business to run all the more efficiently, as you’re capable of having the best in class office equipment running like clockwork without the worry of obsolescence.

The Bottom Line

Leasing allows you to spare your working capital for more important investments. With maintenance plans included in most of our leasing options, with Dream Tech Copiers you won’t even have to worry about paper, toners, or servicing the machines. 

By deciding to lease printers, you remove the chance of getting stuck with outdated equipment and you’ll find yourself with much better opportunities to acquire up to date printers.

Want to see just how much leasing could save you? Get in touch with our leasing specialists for an exclusive quote!

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